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Debra 'Debbie' Gudema is a doctoral student, writer, charity consultant, and business owner from Palm Beach County, Florida. She is the founder of DLG Nonprofit Consulting, a boutique consultancy firm. The firm specializes in audience engagement, capital fundraising, and social media marketing for charities and nonprofit organizations.

Gudema is a vocal advocate of the importance of always helping others. She regularly donates her time, funds, and all-important supplies to charities and good causes in her home city of Boca Raton on Florida's southeastern coast. Charitable initiatives backed by the writer and consultancy firm owner include the American Parkinson Disease Association, the Christopher Reeve Foundation, and Habitat for Humanity.

She is a proud mom to two children and revels in spending time with her family. She also enjoys various hobbies and interests, including listening to classical music, cosmetics, cooking, meditation, photography, and keeping fit.


DLG Nonprofit Consulting:

Gudema is the visionary founder and owner of DLG Nonprofit Consulting. Established in 2011, DLG Nonprofit Consulting is a boutique consultancy firm based in South Florida. It operates across the Sunshine State and nationwide. The boutique consulting firm specializes in audience engagement, donor development, capital financing, social media marketing, and virtual fundraising.

DLG Nonprofit Consulting founder Gudema is responsible for advising the firm's clients on various crucial marketing-focused fronts. She has a proven track record in communications, marketing, and design. Alongside advising on engagement, financing, fundraising, and more, she has also created and marketed clothing, accessories, and other merchandise for many of DLG Nonprofit Consulting's clients.


Nonprofit consultant and talented writer Gudema is one of the founders of the kindness-focused motivational project, Well&Co. Both online and offline, Well&Co promotes health and wellness as an art. Its mission is to encourage kindness, promote lifelong learning, and inspire motivation.

Well&Co co-founder Debra Gudema has dedicated herself to promoting a life of calm and bliss. Her critically acclaimed writing for the kindness-focused motivational project covers myriad topics. These topics include health and wellness, postpartum mindfulness, family well-being, cell phone fixation, and professional burnout.

She also hosts the project's one-to-one Soul Sessions, where interested parties can delve into their passions during hour-long discussions with the kindness and wellness advocate. Soul Sessions with Debbie are offered in-person, over the telephone, and via Zoom.

American Parkinson Disease Association:

In addition to her work at DLG Nonprofit Consulting and Well&Co, Gudema is an American Parkinson Disease Association board member. She sits on the board of the American Parkinson Disease Association in South Florida as an advocate of the association's work and an authority on nonprofit consulting. It is a position held by Gudema since 2021.

Founded in 1961, the American Parkinson Disease Association is the largest grassroots network committed to fighting Parkinson's disease in the United States. Since its launch six decades ago, it has raised and invested over $225 million in crucial educational programs and vital patient services.


Gudema has affiliations with several prestigious educational institutions, including Nova Southeastern University, the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Denver, and Indiana University Bloomington.

The Palm Beach County-based charity consultant is a master's degree holder. She is dedicated to lifelong learning and is currently enrolled in a doctorate of education program.

Gudema has further completed studies in numerous fields ranging from meditation, health, and wellness to communications, photography, and professional writing. She also has extensive self-taught knowledge and understanding of classical music and art history.


Debra Gudema is a renowned expert in nonprofit consultancy and marketing. She is similarly well-versed in product design and numerous other areas of business and education, including as a professional health and wellness advocate.

Among her most in-demand areas of expertise are communications strategy, fundraising, marketing, mental health awareness, and personal development. Moreover, Gudema enjoys widespread recognition as an expert on additional topics such as classical music, creativity as a form of therapy, cosmetics, home cooking, and jewelry.


Gudema is a long-standing supporter of an ever-growing list of charities, nonprofit organizations, and other good causes. Chief among these charities, nonprofits, and good causes are the American Parkinson Disease Association, the Christopher Reeve Foundation, and Habitat for Humanity.

The Christopher Reeve Foundation is dedicated to advancing innovative research into curing spinal cord injuries while improving the quality of life of those impacted by paralysis. Meanwhile, Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit Christian organization founded in 1976 that helps people in communities across the U.S. and overseas to build and improve places to call home.

DLG Nonprofit Consulting owner and founder Gudema is similarly passionate about supporting numerous further charities, including, but not limited to, the American Heart Association, Dress for Success, Fidelity Cares, Giving Tree, the Philharmonic-Symphony Society of New York, the Opera Foundation, and Twin Palms Center for the Disabled.

Another good cause proudly backed by Gudema is the Junior League of Boca Raton. The Junior League of Boca Raton works across her home city and the surrounding area to organize community events. It also actively promotes volunteerism across Palm Beach County and elsewhere in southeasternmost coastal Florida.

Personal Life:

Mother-of-two, Debra Gudema lives with her family in the bustling city of Boca Raton in Palm Beach County, Florida. Together, they love dining out and spending time with their friends, to whom Gudema is best known as Debbie. She is an active campaigner for equality and regularly partakes in outreach efforts focused on helping members of her local community.

Away from her professional and philanthropic work, Debbie enjoys numerous personal hobbies and other interests. Among these hobbies and interests are listening to classical music, reading, writing, makeup and cosmetics, meditating, photography, keeping fit, and cooking. The skilled home cook is passionate about creating delicious, healthy, nutritious dishes and smoothies.

As a writer, Debra Gudema has received considerable acclaim for many of her more personal pieces. That includes online articles, blog posts, and magazine pieces centered around inspiring a life of kindness and abundance. Personally and professionally, she remains firmly committed to supporting and assisting others by offering a helping hand wherever a helping hand is needed.


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