About Me

Debra Gudema is a nonprofit consultant and writer from Boca Raton, Florida. She established Well& Co., encouraging and inspiring a life of kindness and abundance. Followers of the brand are sparked to learn, be motivated, and be encouraged by kindness advocate Gudema and the Well&Co team. 

She is also a longstanding supporter of numerous charities, nonprofit organizations, and other good causes. Some of these include the American Parkinson's Disease Association, Habitat for Humanity, and the Christopher Reeve Foundation. 

Outside of her professional and charitable endeavors, she is a proud mother of two children, a self-styled smoothie queen, a classical music enthusiast, an author, and she dabbles in photography. 

Current role and responsibilities  

From her office on Florida's southeastern coast, Debra Gudema currently serves as a nonprofit consultant and writer. She is committed to promoting a life of bliss and calm. 

She has written extensively on the topic of health and wellness as an art. Her work is available directly via the Well&Co website. Much of her writing is also accessible courtesy of Thrive Global. 

In her capacity as a nonprofit consultant and writer, Gudema's duties are broad and far-reaching. These duties include, but are not limited to, producing valuable online content, blogging, and professional photography. That's in addition to advising charitable projects and other organizations on various all-important marketing and communications-focused topics. 

Career history 

During an illustrious career in communications, marketing, and consulting, Gudema has served in a variety of crucial roles, including her most recent appointments: Well&Co. At the wellness-focused organization, she is responsible for Well&Co's Soul Sessions. Soul Sessions are hour-long, 1:1 discussions where participants delve into their passions. 

Author Debra Gudema has produced dozens of pieces of critically acclaimed writing for many outlets. These critically acclaimed writing pieces cover postpartum and mindfulness, cell phone fixation, social media's impact on mental health, family wellness, and resources to tackle professional burnout. 

The writer has also covered many other topics, including fertility, pregnancy, tidiness, self-care, stress management, personal growth, and why mindfulness in education matters. She has designed and marketed ranges of clothing, accessories, and merchandise for Well&Co and other brands. 

An advocate for the American Parkinson's Disease Association, she currently sits on the charity's board in her capacity as a nonprofit consultant. The APDA is the nation's largest grassroots network dedicated to fighting Parkinson's disease. Founded in 1961, the association has raised and invested over $225 million in patient services and educational programs. 

Educational background 

Debra Gudema holds a university master's degree and was recently accepted into a doctorate of education program. Doctorate of education programs are professional degrees designed for research practitioners pursuing educational leadership roles. 

Moreover, she has a long history of study in fields including meditation, health, wellness, professional writing, communications, marketing, and photography. She also boasts an in-depth understanding and knowledge of art history and classical music. 

Gudema, a co-founder of Well & Co, is self-taught in the area of encouraging and inspiring a life of kindness and abundance. Here, she enjoys an unsurpassed knowledge of the importance of learning and motivation as they pertain to the advocation of compassion and wellness more generally. 

Professional skills 

Debra Gudema's catalog of professional skills is as impressive as it is varied. In her capacity as a nonprofit consultant and writer and as the co-founder of Well&Co, her professional skills include: 




Financial writing 

Art history consulting 



The Boca Raton-based professional's expertise in the above areas spans faith, the evaluation of self-care, mental health awareness, personal development, and emotional fitness. As a writer, she is recognized as an authority on classical music as well as a variety of topics related to wellness, financial advice, health, and cooking. 

Philanthropy and charitable involvement 

Gudema is immensely proud to support a wide range of charities, nonprofits, and other good causes. Alongside the American Parkinson Disease Association, where she's a board member, plus Habitat for Humanity and the Christopher Reeve Foundation, other organizations backed by Debra Gudema include: 

The American Heart Association 

Twin Palms Center for the Disabled 

The Junior League's

Dress for Success 

Giving Tree 



Art Museums 

The Junior League is a nationally recognized nonprofit committed to community events, promoting volunteerism, and nonprofit training. Meanwhile, Dress for Success is on a mission to empower women to achieve independence through a global network of support. That's in addition to providing the development tools necessary to help them thrive. 

She is equally proud to support numerous foundations that campaign against hate and antisemitism while simultaneously fighting for equality. Classical music enthusiast Gudema is also an avid supporter of the New York Philharmonic (officially the Philharmonic-Symphony Society of New York) and the NYC-based charity, the Opera Foundation. 

Accomplishments & Achievements 

Alongside starting a doctorate program in education, Gudema remains committed to constantly advocating for and helping in-need and at-risk communities through outreach. The outreach approaches employed by her include the donation of funds as well as the volunteering of physical time and supplies. 

Gudema's goal in life is to support and assist others by always offering a helping hand where needed. At the same time, she has received considerable praise and acclaim for her writing, both in a personal and professional capacity. 

Personal interests & hobbies: Debra Gudema enjoys considerable overlap between her professional endeavors and her personal interests and hobbies. This includes education, marketing, consulting, and inspiring others to live lives of kindness and abundance. When she's not working or backing the good causes she supports, the mother-of-two enjoys spending time with her family and friends. 

A self-styled smoothie queen, Gudema is also passionate about healthy food, including cooking and Mediterranean cooking. Elsewhere, she also enjoys meditating, reading, keeping fit, spending time outdoors, and listening to Classic FM from the UK.


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