How Long Should I Meditate?

Debra Gudema

November 14, 2022


The answer to the question of how long should you meditate depends on multiple factors. You might want to meditate for forty to forty-five minutes, or you could meditate for thirteen or fifteen minutes. If you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, you might want to meditate for less time. For example, if you’re having a particularly tough day, meditation for just an hour in the morning can be helpful. Likewise, a seven-day silent retreat can be helpful for overcoming challenging periods.

40-45 minutes

The optimal length of a meditation session depends on a variety of factors, such as the person’s current situation, the type of meditation, and the desired result. A forty-five-minute session may be the right amount for a beginner, but a serious meditator can benefit from a longer session.

13 minutes

A study has found that 13 minutes of meditation a day can improve memory and reduce anxiety. Participants listened to a guided meditation session and completed a series of full-body scans and quiet breathing exercises. The meditation improved working and recognition memory, attention, and reduced mood swings. It is unclear exactly how this occurs, but the researchers believe meditation affects brain regions that regulate cognitive processes.

15 minutes

Research suggests that taking 15 minutes of meditation a day can have the same effects as a vacation. It was also found that vacations increase happiness. Researchers compared participants who meditated to those who didn’t. They found that those who meditated reported higher levels of happiness and a stronger sense of well-being.

20 minutes

Practicing 20 minutes of meditation each day is an excellent habit to cultivate. Even if you can only manage a few minutes, it will help you improve your health. A short daily meditation can have significant benefits, including lessening the likelihood of suffering from chronic conditions like high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, and irritable bowel syndrome. It can also be a useful tool for general health maintenance.

30 minutes

The benefits of meditation are numerous, and just 30 minutes a day can improve your quality of life. For starters, it can reduce your stress levels and anxiety. It can also improve your sleep. In addition, a meditation practice can promote gratitude and peace of mind.

40 minutes

Meditation is a powerful technique for reducing stress. Even just 40 minutes of meditation a day can make a difference. It can help you calm your mind, relax, and find clarity. During your meditation practice, you may find it helpful to practice daily mindfulness.

45 minutes

A 45-minute meditation session can provide you with the peace of mind and tranquility you need to cope with your everyday life. To get started, find a comfortable place to sit or lie down and focus on your breathing and body movements. You can also find guided meditation programs online. Try to find one that suits your personality and needs.

60 minutes

If you want to experience the benefits of meditation, you should consider trying it at least twice a day for at least 60 minutes. However, do not expect a magic pill; real meditation involves 60 minutes of stillness, free of distractions, and no mental tasks, such as visualization and counting breaths. The real challenge in practicing meditation is to separate your thoughts and let your breath be what it is.

90 minutes

During 90 minutes of meditation, my thoughts arose and faded almost as quickly. I did not notice a difference in the length of the quiet periods between thoughts, although they seemed to get longer at the halfway point of the meditation. During the first half, the transition from noisy to quiet thought took just seconds. By the time I finished the 90 minutes, the quiet periods were still as long as they had been at the beginning.

120 minutes

One hundred and twenty minutes of meditation each day can change your body, mind, and spirit. Research shows that the practice of meditation alters the DNA in trillions of cells and balances the three Gunas and the 31 Tattvas. It changes the grey matter and grooves in the brain. It can also change your relationship with the universe and your subconscious mind.